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10 Weird Service Animals – ODDEE

From rats to kangaroos, unusual support animals are popping up everywhere.

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I agree there are many strange animals being called a Service Animal but also believe that their value is undeniable saving lives and there are regulations in place. Meet our Maggie who has saved my life countless times since her age of 8 weeks. Thank you for this post so people that are in violation may reconsider and heed the rules for the better of those who need this help.

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Timeline Photos – Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs | Facebook


To rescue a Death Row Dog, Please read this:


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There are many people that want to adopt or have a dog in their family. Why not rescue one of these sweet babies? Come share the stories from our new book about dogs and meet Maggie Anne, a wonderful rescue dog. You could be so happy with one of these dogs while saving their lives!

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Awakenings: Countdown to Halloween

When one speaks of the month of October, thoughts focus on pumpkins, autumn leaves and Halloween. First, hand-carved pumpkins lend themselves to family time as each member tries to pick the perfect pumpkin to carve and outwit the other with scary designs. Tension mounts as imagination soars with competitions arising to see who is the most creative from spooky to elegant to funny. Get your carving tools ready. Pumpkins, knives, action! Just be careful, those knives are sharp! Don’t need any real blood on the scene.

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Happy Halloween!  Countdown is here. Why not bake those special treats or buy a box and share with the shelters for homeless pets?  This treat may ne the only special moment in their day.

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Awakenings: Pre-Halloween Sugar Rush

Nothing says Halloween better than “candy”. And, no candy says Halloween better than Candy Corn! For more than a century, its creamy taste is unmatched. Countless parties and Halloween trick-or-treaters will be loaded up, laden down with oodles and oodles of the deliciously sweet yellow, orange and white tiny candy morsels. It is tradition when gearing up for Halloween! Therefore, let’s take a day to celebrate these mellow candies for a pre-Halloween sugar rush. Don’t forget to hide a bag for Halloween night!

While snacking on the tiny, fun morsels, check out the History of Candy Corn. There you will find The Story Behind Candy Corn, Fun Facts About Candy Corn, and Creative Ways to Display Candy Corn. Ever eaten a doughnut sprinkled with crushed candy corn? Keep reading for there is more to this day than just the fact that…

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Another great scoop from Sharla!  Happy Halloween!  Today our Maggie (rescue dog) celebrates her birthday but enjoys chicken for her trick or treat delight. There are many wonderful ways to view one’s treats!

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EVERY DOG deserves to be LOVED-NEVER ABUSED. Please join us in helping dogs be healthy, loved and happy. Our new book has over 40 recipes made with human grade ingredients, short stories of adventures with both our rescued and loved dogs, basic first aid, lists of foods safe for your canine to enjoy and so much more.  Doug Adkins, Martha Char Love and myself, Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins share with abused dogs/animals proceeds from the profits of our book sales to help find forever homes. Join our mission today and place your pre-orders. Each order is also added to our contest drawing on December 11, 2015 for a look-alike favorite toy of Maggie’s, just in time for Christmas.. 


Thanks for caring!

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Maggie and her Family (Doug Adkins, Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins and her Auntie-Martha Char Love) are sharing her with the world October 31, 2015 with a collection of short stories and over forty (40) tried and tested recipes great for your canine family and friends. You can even enough these meals too!


No animal should ever be abused so in honor of what Maggie and so many others have endured we are sharing our profits as available to groups advocating for abused animals from the sale of every book.  


Come join us in our mission to help these souls find their forever homes, never to be abused again!

Reserve your copy you wi0ll make a difference in another sweet dogs life saddened from abuse. 


Be sure to see the launch of Maggie’s favorite treat cookie mix complete with a cookie cutter! 

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Smile! You’re at the best site ever


Author Clayton Bye, one of the best authors I have met.  Check out his books.

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