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Excerpt from the Introduction of Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

June 30, 2012


June 29, 2012

Excerpt from the Introduction

Welcome to my blog-Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler where dreams do come true! I have selected a small paragraph from my Introduction and another one from Chapter 2. Enjoy the sample of each area.

This was to be the Granddaddy of them all! A surprise for the man in my life that had kept me alive when sick, my spirits happy when I wanted to give up and gave my body the strength to fight illness that had strangled the life from us for most of our married life. So this trip had to be perfect, planned well and I wanted to do it without help. First looking at tours, then at cheap flights, researching hotels and reading every review ever written and finally getting on every mailing list in this country and overseas that offered anything for travel packages lasting from four days to eight weeks. By the time I answered each e-mail my day was half over

As I decided I could not keep a secret of such magnitude, my voice was measured and steady, but sounded far calmer than I really felt as I practiced springing my secret on my mother-in-law. She was not sure I could keep something so enormous from her son as I usually shared most everything with my husband. But I kept on planning, writing to family and friends thinking they would come along for a giant party to celebrate all the reasons one takes a trip of a lifetime. BUT… All the advice had been the same in the end – TELL HIM!!

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  1. loiswstern permalink

    You make it look so inviting. it’s now on my list!
    Thank you ever so much of sharing.

    Lois W. Stern
    Creator of the Tales2Inspire “Authors Helping Authors project/contest”

    • Lois, Ireland was inviting in every way possible. It’s so easy to write about a land where you meet no strangers. The friendships from Ireland are forever and history so great you get swept away if you allow yourself to step back in time.
      Thanks for the visit!

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