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Romance in Ireland

July 22, 2012



        The Beginning of our Journey on Lake Killarney


Seems like a long way to travel for romance? That answer would be yes, but wait until I tell you about one of the places we found.

Besides, why not travel a bit out of your normal comfort zone and explore the possibilities of knowing your friends across the seas, learning the history of a new vacation while finding a special connection with your other half-notice I did not say better half-though they be!


“The Lakes of Killarney are surrounded by the beautiful sandy beaches, high cliffs, and rocky terrains.  Many myths surround the famous Lakes of Killarney from  a young woman who while distracted by her lover forgot to replace the capstone on her parents well thus spilling out to create the Lakes of Killarney to a beautiful woman on a white horse rising from the water declaring it the water of eternal youth!  Now while you may not believe these or other myths that surround these incredible lakes, it adds to the folklore and mystery that surrounds us as you journey about the lakes.” (Taken from my book)


In our travels through the Republic of Ireland, we ran across a small town outside Killarney called Fossa. There seated on the Lake Killarney are the most peaceful surroundings that house this establishment named the Loch Lein Country Manor Hotel where you will find everything from an award winning restaurant to rooms that simply must mimic what heaven looks like!


Now, imagine yourself relaxed in an overstuffed chair on the top floor looking out down the drive way and across to the lake at sunset observing a small red fox tip toe through the lawn as the sun begins to set. Or dining in a restaurant where the chef Paul  is also the co-owner with his wife, Annette of this fine establishment and caters to your every need or desire. It is all here and more!




Can’t you see yourselves getting married or repeating your vows on the lovely grounds where the lake is just steps from the front door?



As you enter this Manor Hotel, this is the first thing you see, not some cold check in desk. As a matter of fact, the check in is a tiny desk just beyond the stairs. These gorgeous stairs take you to the upper level where the rooms are located and they also offer you an elevator for those who can’t do the stairs or just choose not to walk.


“Now, I am a hopeless romantic and had my own ideas of our destination in Killarney, where we were to stay at the Loch Lein Country House Manor with a breathtaking view of the lake.   I imagined us spending reflective moments on the banks of the water, repeating vows from twenty three years earlier.  Of course, I dreamt in my mind of a white sundress, flower in my hair and a new wedding band with a Celtic design that includes the Claddaugh, since my wedding band was in need of replacement.”  The story about this ring is one of promise, hope of eternal love and friendship and that story will be shared in another post.


“Loch Lein is many things for so many people but after I had discovered them in my research prior to traveling to Ireland it became clear that it was going to be a place for love to bloom. 


The day we arrived was such a lovely day in my heart and when I saw the grounds so well kept and a manor that looked as though it had come from a magazine it tickled my spirit of love and in the air you could smell the breeze as it swept across the Lake.                                                       


It felt so nice to have the fresh air kiss across my face as the breeze brushed against my skirt making me remember how I had so wanted to say our wedding vows  many years ago in this same silly way.  I had wanted to be barefoot in a casual white sundress walking along the sandy beach and saying our vows before God, family, friends and nature. 

Night View from our Window





Oh how it felt to be so in love and celebrate a love that had been strong for so long.  We had bought the Claddagh wedding band and were ready for another twenty five years together.  As we professed our love to each other alone before the heavens and wild life around us, we knew that love had taken us on a journey before and would again for an eternity.” (“-excerpts from my book)




The many sites of Killarney and surrounding areas will keep you wanting to return again and again so you too can soak up the magic of this beautiful land.”




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  1. Enchanting and very well presented. I will keep coming back for more! Thank you!

    • Thank you for visiting and I am happy you plan to return!
      I also love that you left a comment.

      Thanks Again,

    • Virginia Lee, So great you are here today. Thanks for following-now I can come visit back again with yoyr address. You are most welcome back anytime!

  2. Loved it!!!Keep them coming!



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