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Kinsale Ireland and Crabs

July 29, 2012

 Kinsale Ireland and Crabs!

Ireland Crab

Dungeness Crab-USA

Today, I thought I would share a story about The Atlantic Ocean vs Pacific Ocean crabs! Kinsale being considered the Gourmet capitol of Ireland brought many

thoughts to my mind about where and what we may find to eat. By the time we reached Kinsale we had been in Ireland for six days and some foods from home were definitely on my mind to explore.  A true lover of fish and being surrounded by the ocean what better place for fresh seafood. Of course, I ordered it almost daily for one meal or another but one day, about the third or fourth day in Kinsale, I thought how nice (since we had this great kitchen to prepare meals) it would be to go find a meat/fish market and buy fresh crab for dinner.


Now that was easier said than done for sure. After winding through the streets trying not to shop in every wonderful store there, we found a fish market with crabs-what a surprise! Crab for so cheap. I probably bought 4 pounds for under $10 US dollars. What I did not think about or know was how different crab was from home out of the Pacific Ocean.


We brought our treasure back to the apartment where we were staying, excited to share with our landlady what we felt would be a great treat. What I did not know was that crab in Ireland was at one time (according to different Internet sources) mostly used for bait! For eating pleasures, the claws were enjoyed and the body being so difficult to pick was simply discarded or used as I said for bait. However the Irish are very good at both catching and mouth watering recipes for many years now and we can certainly be happy for the experience.


In Ireland as in the US there are many types of crabs but for eating pleasures, the brown crab is what we were told most enjoyed. I cannot say what we bought as I am not sure-only that I was full by the time I finally finished picking the crabmeat from the body. It took so long I think I filled up on the wonderful homemade brown breads you find in Ireland! But the claws were so good and a treat satisfying my craving for crabs until I got home! A recipe follows I found on line from Rozanne’s Recipes and Glenisk from the UK.



Kinsale, among other things is a small town in County Cork with a reputation for great cuisine and quiet scenery buzzing with activity.  This is a  quaint and charming fishing town  surrounded by a lush green landscape and busy harbor.  This town is known for its food and restaurants with award winning menus.  In fact, we were also told about a local festival in October called the Gourmet Festival lasting four days.  Along the harbor side across the street we found a restaurant we tucked into to warm up and have a small lunch.  We happened to see a vegetable soup listed so we ordered it and much to our surprise here again was a soup where no vegetables could be seen!  It was amazing-it appeared that it was that way everywhere we ordered soup.  They pureed them and the soups were always creamy-it was delightful!

We walked through the town many times to either shop, take a tour, have dinner, shop for fresh fish to cook  at our apartment or sit by the waterside!  The Kinsale Harbour Cruise tour took us by boat to see the Forts (James Fort and Charles Fort) although it was strictly by water that we saw them and we also saw so many beautiful areas we may have missed otherwise.  If you take these types of trips we want to warn you it is not warm in Ireland most of the time so take a scarf or sweater with you.  Umbrellas are always a nice idea as well!

I, loving to shop, found many fine places of interest including a linen store with all the bargains that a larger city would have to offer but an even nicer selection.  The mentality of this town again is much the same as it is in all of Ireland-if they think you look lost-they stop you and ask if you are ok or if they can help you!  How wonderful it is to be so welcome in a foreign land or anywhere for that matter!  Above are photos of the Forts, and the Custom Boat we passed one day while sailing.

There is so much to find in Ireland and know that each day of discovery is another hidden treasure. Be sure to come back so we can unfold more about this wonderful country that extends open arms to all it’s visitors!

Kinsale: Another Extraordinary Dream!

By: Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

Our Bonus for today: Crab Recipe!

Be sure to watch the YouTube by Glenisk with Rozann’e Recipes

Crab Tian with Avocado and Mango


1 mango, peeled and finely diced

2 avocados, peeled and finely diced

150g watercress or baby salad leaves

Juice of 1 lime

Salt and pepper

Mustard cress shoots or alfalfa shoots

Crab Mixture:

400g cooked crabmeat

2tbls Glenisk Organic Crème Fraiche

Juice of 1 lime

2tbls chopped fresh coriander

3 spring onions, finely chopped

5 drops Tabasco sauce

Salt and pepper


1.    Mix all the crab mixture ingredients together, season to taste. Place in fridge for 20 minutes.

2.    Peel and finely dice the mango and avocado (see Rozanne’s How To video). Do not mash.

3.    Place in separate bowls. Squeeze half a lime over each bowl. Season the avocado with salt and pepper.

4.    Take a small handful of watercress and gently roll between cupped hands to form a loose ball. Place on a plate.

5.    Take a tian, and place on top of the watercress.  Press 2 tablespoons of crab mixture into the tian. Spoon 1 tablespoon of avocado on top and press down. Finish with 1 tablespoon of mango. Garnish with a few mustard cress shoots.

6.    Repeat with the rest of the seven plates.

Thank You and Come Again!


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  1. Many thanks for sharing yet another wonderful slice of life from your beloved Emerald Isle. Your crabmeat redipe looks so tantalizing and so off it goes into my favorite best of the best recipe folder to try very soon. This is my second try to post this comment so let’s hope that perseverance will pay off. Please keep sharing your wonderful memories with us Rosemary and hopefully, we will get there next year. Keep healthy okay.

    • Hi Linda,
      I am so happy it worked for you. I definitely will try to stay heathy as I do want to return to Ireland in 2013.
      I am sorry you had so much trouble getting to comment but thank you for trying until it worked! You are a very special person and friend.

    • Linda,
      It seems we are both going to get twice to reply here!
      Definitely have plans for 2013 to Ireland. I just have to convince the rest of me the same!
      See you again soon,

    • Hi Again Linda,
      Yes, I will keep on praying for good health as Ireland will soon see our eyes sparkling with joy to be back. I hope we all in this group get to go together. I have some great deals for us all.

      Keep those bags packed and passports ready!

  2. Another great post and more wonderful photos! When I lived in Maryland, we used to eat crabcakes the way Minnesotans eat hamburgers. Miss those crabcakes!

    • Sandra so happy you enjoyed this story. I wanted to be different talking about Kinsale while also discussing what we know here in comparison. It was fun to write. You should see the carb we just caught-crab cakes YUM!!

    • Sandra,
      Pack those bags for 2013 and lets all head back to Ireland and see what they offer for crabcakes!
      Thanks for visiting and see you soon.
      Thanks so much for stopping by,

    • Sandra,
      I love crab cakes but never learned to cook them just right from scratch!

      Thanks for your continued support. I always enjoy your comments with the extra share.
      Come again!

  3. Yum, Yum – Sounds like you love to cook, Rosemary. You recipe makes my mouth water. You have to have lots of patience for this recipe, but once completed the enjoyment is worth it, I’m sure.
    I enjoyed your story of how you came about retrieving your crab dinner.
    Learning about Ireland comes easy through your wonderful stories for a person who has never traveled there.

    Thanks so much for sharing your insightful events.


    • Cherrye,
      Yes, I love to cook and especially crab-plain crab, crab louie, crab deligt, crab cocktail
      You get the idea. Once I had in Hong Kong a crab I wish I could make-it was so good. I especially love to dream up my own recipes!

      Thanks for visiting,

  4. What a delightful or should I say ‘delicious’ post! My husband can’t wait to try the crab recipe! Yep, he is the chef and absolutely loves those crabs! I think he would be totally happy with crab breakfast, crab lunch, crab snack, and crab dinner with of course, midnight refrigerator raid for crab leftovers (if any)!

    Your writing makes one feel he or she is right there walking along beside you – all we need is tasta-blogging and smella-blogging! At least all of the senses are touched as my eyes capture your words in their pure essence. LOL:>)

    • Good Morning!
      Are you having crab for breakfast?!!
      Thank you so much for the special words of praise. I have tried to write in other persons and it usually never works. Seems I just love to write like I would talk with a friend. It is my siincerest desire to have you enjoy your journey as we travel to Ireland. So again, for our trip back you and your husband need to pack your bags and join us with whomever else we meet from here for a repeat adventure of a lifetime!
      See you back next week.

  5. Thanks for sharing your trip to Ireland with us. It is always a blessing to read about your adventure. I am definitely trying the crab recipe.

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