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August 19, 2012




“The Legend”



This is one of the most exciting places to shop, eat and stay!



 Need an excuse to shop the sweater mills!  Blarney Woolen Mills is your perfect place to visit. 

Such a welcome you will receive here. The warmth of the Irish will light your way to all the Irish goods you can carry home!


I myself, fell in love with the hats, scarves, linen, crystal, pottery, keychains, postcards, jewelry (you can also find the Claddagh ring here as well) t-shirts and sweatshirts-not to mention the Irish Linen nightshirts or gowns.  And that is only the beginning. 


Take a break from shopping to recharge while trying a great cup of tea or coffee with perhaps a fresh baked scone or dessert from their restaurant and that will get you going again so you can shop a bit more before lunch! 


Blarney is a grand location but do not plan on just one day here as this is a place that allows you the opportunity to visit the nearby Blarney Castle where you can Kiss The Blarney Stone!


We had been told by the Blarney Castle personnel that we would meet with a man that was going to talk to us about the Mill and we could look for the good looking kind man in a pin stripe suit!  They were just kidding around, but this kind man, Darren was exactly that!  He graciously gave of himself on a last minute notice and took his time. 


 When we arrived I had ask about the history of the Woollen Mills and Darren Smyth took us on a tour and explained how, when and what the history involved about the Mill and the dream of this ambitious person that created what we now know as the Blarney Woollen Mills! 

He presented the Mill story to us that you could visually see in his eyes and hear in his voice the pride of this fascinating turn of events. Darren gave us a tour you could never have found available through tour companies. I believe he has done this many times and with such intense admiration and love of a man that followed his dream much as Walt Disney, we all know and love.


After our tour with Darren he introduced us to Geraldine, whom is a professional leader in the sales department and knowledgeable about everything in stock!


What a shopping experience we had.

Say Hello to GERALDINE
The Go To Person for Help

It was our intentions to purchase one sweater for each of us, but that was impossible.                                                                           


We may have just checked our wallets at the front door! Bargains and sales were everywhere and shop we did. If memory serves me, we left with six (6) sweaters plus own original plan for two (2), crystal, souvenirs and memories to last a lifetime. We returned the following day to repeat ourselves all over again. And yes, we needed more luggage to haul home all our purchases! (they did offer to ship it home but I wanted to arrive home with Ireland at our sides!)  Our excuse for so much shopping-We simply had to do our Christmas shopping there too so we could share Ireland with our families and friends.


What an experience. Now, shopping can make you hungry and a bit thirsty. Blarney Woollen Mills have you covered there too. You have a choice of fine dining or a cafeteria style seating area where almost anything you could imagine is offered. Of course, you will also find a pub named Christy’s where you can lift your pint of Guinness for a relaxing way to finish off your day or enjoy the fine taste of Jameson or Bushmills whiskey.


Now should your partner wear out shopping, here is a perfect location. The hotel is right there and what a beautiful place it is. They have also been kind enough to offer special rates for my readers so be sure to pick up your copy of my book to collect on your savings.

Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel



A Great Room at Blarneys





I/We have never received this type of service from a retailer anywhere in the world including our favorite place, Home!    

Thank you Blarney Woollen Mills, Darren and Geraldine for a job done with so much interest!  We will be back!!!!


Interesting facts about Blarneys is that they are 100% Irish owned once producing fine wools and tweeds since 1823.


“Today we not only sell the best of Irish knitwear but we also stock Waterford Crystal, Belleek China, Galway Crystal, Irish Linen and Lace, Celtic Jewelery and much more” says Darren Smyth.


Be sure you join me next week to learn more about the history of this woollen mill and a man with a dream. I may even tell you how this stop on our trip changed our lives forever. Do you think we stayed retired, write another book, or planned a return trip to Ireland?


See you next week for the answers!


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“Playing at Blarney’s with Hats!”

This photo is where our lives were about to change forever!




Rosemary “MAMIE” Adkins


Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler


For your signed copy please visit: or visit Amazon for your E-Book version at:



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  1. Raani York permalink

    How beautiful! I do enjoy your posts very much! And I love the pictures too!

  2. Thanks Raani,
    I had just been reading that a post should be short and brief. I have never written anything brief! What is your opinion-shorter or as is?

    Thanks for your comments. I love your story about Jake!

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