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Killarney National Park

September 10, 2012

Have you ever wondered what a jaunting car ride may be?


Visiting: Killarney National Park

Killarney Ireland


Prior to our arrival in Ireland and during the research about the very sites we wanted to visit, I kept reading about a horse and trap as a means to visit the grounds or even in town. My curiosity got the best of me as I had just been guessing, so I looked it up and happily discovered is was this old fashion buggy ride. Now, I thought since this was a vacation we were celebrating our lives together, how romantic this would certainly be for us.  Yes, it was indeed a thrill and even when this sweet horse decided to scent the air!


Our visit to Killarney was a nice one but our real treasure find was in a small town not far away from here in Fossa at an extraordinary location called Loch Lein Country Manor situated on the Killarney Lake.


Killarney, is a busy town located in the Southwest of Ireland and needs no introductions, welcoming visitors for over two hundred years!  It is known all over Nationally and Internationally as the centre of tourism for this part of the country.  It is said to be the busiest tourist gathering place in rural Ireland and in the summer the traffic on foot, buses, and horses fill the streets.  It is a very crowded area with many things to see and do.


You can even find more than your share of pubs in Killarney as they number greater than seventy (70) and a wonderful location to sit and enjoy the locals, music and a meal.


When we arrived in Killarney we had a tour lined up for the Killarney National Park and boat tour of Killarney Lake to include the Ross Castle that sits on these outstanding grounds. Wildlife and many sites were for the breathe taking observers and if you had been on the run while in Ireland the boat trip was a welcome way to relax. The smooth sail allowed you to just unwind as you enjoyed the scenery and the occasional fisherman that sailed along side of you.


Killarney, has fabulous views of the three Lakes of Killarney and tours are available for either a short water bus (boat) of the largest lake or a longer journey of the three lakes.


The Lakes of Killarney are surrounded by the beautiful sandy beaches, high cliffs, and rocky terrains.  Many myths surround the famous Lakes of Killarney from  a young woman who while distracted by her lover forgot to replace the capstone on her parents well thus spilling out to create the Lakes of Killarney to a beautiful woman on a white horse rising from the water declaring it the water of eternal youth!  Now while you may not believe these or other myths that surround these incredible lakes, it adds to the folklore and mystery that surrounds us as you journey about the lakes.


Now, I am a hopeless romantic and had my own ideas of our destination in Killarney, where we were to stay at the Loch Lein Country House Manor with a breathtaking view of the lake.   I imagined us spending reflective moments on the banks of the water, repeating vows from twenty three years earlier.  Of course, I dreamed in my mind of a white sundress, flower in my hair and a new wedding band with a Celtic design that includes the Claddaugh, since my wedding band was in need of replacement.  The story about this ring is one of promise, hope of eternal love and friendship.


So to me, the myths of this lake fit right into my own thoughts of romance.


Now, for my return to Ireland and Killarney, I would recommend that unless you just want to enjoy this peaceful restful and relaxing journey, you visit the Muckross House and Gardens instead for the best value for your money.  Muckross House, a 19th century manor house, is situated on the shores of Muckross Lake and is a popular visitor attraction.


The gardens are so grand and yet informal in their size filled with blooming azaleas and rhododendrons during the months from May through July.   There are  extensive water gardens and an outstanding rock garden of natural limestone which are all a marvel to see.  For those of you have ever seen the Butchard Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, you will fall in love with these meticulous grounds also and certainly wish you could take home the gardner!


This stop over in Ireland was full of surprises and you wouldn’t want me to give them all away so stop by my web site and order your own signed copy to learn the rest of the story.


Thank you for visiting and please do come again each weekend.


Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

This story was and is an Extraordinary Dream!



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  1. Well now Rosemary – you’re at it again, tempting me with these wonderful stories of Ireland. You know I want to go there in 2013 so keep up the good work. I just might not be able to resist.
    Ciao bella!

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