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The Cheesiest Romance Novel Covers of All Time – what not to do with your book

November 17, 2012

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Today’s reading experience is nothing like the literal page-turners of yesteryear. But even with the e-Book, the Kindle and the iPad at our fingertips, we.
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  1. “YULE BE MINE” ?????? Oh my goodness please grab the wine and crackers there is enough cheese here for the whole city to have appetizers of that caliber. what a waste when there are serious writers with more intelligent subject matter wanting to publish. I suppose these things sell, one had a neighbor lady that would read the romance novels by the bag full. Belonged to a club where she received five or six a month. I read two of them once and that was enough for my life time. thanks for sharing these did give a great laugh!

    • HI There,
      I belong to a group that post for each other and although this is not my cup of tea, I greatly admire the author that scooped this originally although I suspect he too does not read this type of book. There is a book or story for all types of people so thankfully we see a variety whether they are ones we walk past ourselves or not.
      I am so happy you got a chuckle and happy you stopped by.

      • Thank you didn’t mean any disrespect (is that even a word?) just don’t understand that genre of writing. thank you for coming by and the comments:) Have a great thanksgiving !

      • So sorry to have taken so long to reply. So much grief has been around us lately it has been difficult to stay focused. Happy Holidays to you. I know it is a hard time for you as well and my prayers are with you.

      • I understand please don’t worry about responding the most important thing is dealing with everything right now including taking care of yourself and having time to reflect and grieve. God bless my dear one!

  2. I never want to miss talking with you and my other dear friends. I so love to see you here. Life is too short to miss our time with those that matter.
    May God bless you always,

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