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Dedication to Sandra McLeod Humphrey

December 1, 2012

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

presents our dedication to

Sandra McLeod Humphrey

This is SanSandrady, the name she used when talking to us as friends and the photo we all knew her by.  Seated next to her is Willoughby. Cute oversized lion with a big heart. Sandy told me once she had hundreds of stuffed animals all over the house and many on her bed. In my heart, I believe they spoke to her in kind thoughts she shared with the rest of the world.

I spoke to Sandy every day for what seemed like an eternity but in actuality only a short time as time goes. For some reason we were brought together to bond and there is little doubt in my mind she was Heaven sent in a time I needed help the worst.

My first book had just been published and I was unsure of myself and had no idea how much work it took to promote yourself. Sandy knew all these answers and took me by the hand encouraging my every step. She adopted me as a sister and I loved her from the start. As time went on,  we shared deep long forgotten or buried secrets and then I sent to her my new book’s beginnings. It was at that moment we bonded even more as she felt I had a story that needed to be told to help others.

Sandra McLeod Humphrey spent her life helping others and then authoring books recognising the people she felt had the courage to Stand Alone which in it’s own title was one of many books to her credit. Sandy gave hope to all she could and every life she touched.  In fact, the name Dare to Dream was a fascination to me and spurred my first comment on her blog post. Her books did indeed give children to adults the courage to Dream.

My heart weeps for your loss but selfishly because I miss you. Each day I watch for that notice from Facebook telling me you just shared another link. All I get now are notices for book sales and launches which is expected but I keep hoping yours will appear and my sobs of sorrow are no more.

I also believe in my heart Sandy was here as a special Angel from Earth that looked out for every life she crossed and now is our Guardian Angel in Heaven, again watching over us, just in a different way. For this alone, I celebrate her life, though I grieve.

I never knew Brian but I am sure that he must have been made from the same slice of life and in his own way, lent his hand to those his life touched as well.

My next post written by Author Jon Magee of Scotland is dedicated to both Sandra and Brian  as Sandy loved to read the stories I wrote about our journey to Ireland and they spoke of joining a tour group we are organizing to Ireland in 2013. She also loved the story Jon wrote several weeks ago wanting to read more, so Jon has now written the follow up and it will dedicated to them both. Sandy had told me a few weeks ago that they looked forward to this journey to Ireland/Scotland unless it was during the time they plan to move-to downsize.

Sandy sent me a Prayer Pup about two months ago with a message I will never forget which read. “Rest, recover and know we all love you. Each time you look into this pups eyes you will see all of us that love you. Never give up and write your new book as soon as you recover.  She told me God would not leave me in the dark (I had just endured an injury to my eyes) and that I was loved. With His help,  I would finish my book.” She ask for the first copy. That one will be dedicated to Sandra along with those that have helped it be finish.

In the end, a special blessing is what is in our hearts and prayers for her adult children and their families. They obviously had to gather great strength to post their tribute to their Mom and share with all of us that loved their Mom so much. To them, thank you and you too, will also remain in our prayers.




Borrowed from Linneann Larsen, an amazing soul and Author. Please see her dedication as well as she paints you a perfect photography of Sandra McLeod Humphrey.


Sandra’s Amazon author’s page is:

Sandy’s FB page:

Individual dedications to date that were provided by Linneann Larsen:

From her children:

From Sharla Shults:

From Deirdre Tolhurst:

From Eunice Nisbett:

From Olyn Warfield:

From Delinda McCann (a piece on death and dying prompted by Sandy’s death):

Sandra - Brian

Farewell Brian and Sandy-You will be forever Loved and Celebrated

November 30, 2012

Thank RosemaryBook Cover - Byou again for stopping by my blog post. I realize this is not about Ireland, but it was as important in my heart and needed to share this part of my journey through life.

Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler


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  1. Jon Magee permalink

    Thank you for sharing this tribute to people who should never be forgotten.

    • Greetings Jon,
      With your wonderful guest post and dedication, I hope with all my heart Sandy’s family will feel the love from us all.
      Many Blessings My Friend

  2. Thank you Rosemary for this tribute to a wonderful author and friend. Her voice will still be heard through the writings she left behind.

    • Hi Dicy,
      I miss her so much. She took me under her wing while I have been fighting the ravages of Diabetes and the auto accident. Her spirit will always be within my heart.
      Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your heartfelt comment.

  3. Thank you again, Rosemary for reminding all of us who loved her so, just what a remarkable woman and friend she was to all of us.

    • HI Micki,
      I do not know how long I will keep looking for a message each day from Sandy. I miss her so. Her passing has bothered me deeper than most.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Raani York permalink

    What a wonderful tribute Rosemary. You are such a talented writer – and a great friend!! She was such a gifted person and a true personality!! Thank you!

  5. Raani, This compliment means a lot coming from you who is so accomplished. Someday I hope we get an opportunity to meet. Thank you for your support, it means so much.

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