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February 17, 2013

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler



BUT FIRST, let’s look at Ireland

Planning to journey to Ireland this year?  Why not consider doing your own tour, renting a car or van and anchor in a few locations taking a day tour on your own so you do not have to pack each night or two?  This is exactly what we plan to do beginning in Blarney outside of Cork.  Where we plan to land is still undecided but we definitely plan to anchor at the Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel for several daysHotel

Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel

so we may take day tours to Waterford, Wicklow Mountains, Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, City of Cork and so many other areas of interest.

Photo 4-1Photo 6-6

Waterford Crystal Tour

or just taking a relaxing boat tour

So you can see by selecting an anchor location, you can go and come at your leisure either taking an easy pace or hiking through the mountains or city at leisure.  Whatever our pleasure, see the sights, visit with the Irish but don’t waste valuable time by spending it packing every day!!

We plan to spend one week in this part of Ireland working our way up toward Northern Ireland and anchoring on the East coast in Galway while visiting Conemara Mountains, Kylemore Abbey, Cliffs of Moher, perhaps the Aran Islands moving on to Giants Causeway and Belfast in Northern Ireland and completing a three week tour in Scotland our last four days.

So come on and study where you want to travel and join Ireland for the Year of the Gathering!

Order your signed copy at:

Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler


Introducing my latest boRosemary - Riverok, Reflections of Mamie, which is currently a work in progress, is expected to be available by or prior to Summer 2013. This book was made possible after finding my voice with my first book, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler.  My new found strength provided the impetus to conquer my fears and work through this difficult project that that I started 16 years ago.

For over sixteen years I had struggled with the memories of abuse that occurred from early childhood into my adult years.  I knew that if my story could reach out to others who had lost all hope due to abuse, that I could become a living example that it is possible to overcome, survive and become the happy fulfilled person that I was meant to be.

Although I contemplated giving up many times, it never really was an option nor should it ever be.  This story is about my life from my struggles as a young child at the age of four, who learned about being unwanted, unloved, abused and had to learn to stand alone.  My older brother was my protector and my only connection to love, yet only a child himself who was abused horribly.

As I began to record my memories, my story took on a life of its own.  As each memory unfolded, my desire to reach out to others became the overriding purpose for completing this work.  The genre of my book will fall under Creative Non-Fiction.

REFLECTIONS OF MAMIE is a true account of my life, leaving no doubt that abuse needs to be found and stamped out so that its victims will survive as fully functional people in this world that we live in.

For fun, should this book be cast, here are the characters I would use:

Joan Crawford, as she played the part in Mommie Dearest, would be my choice for Sara, my mother’s role, though she have to toughen up a bit. (well  quite a bit in fact!)

Patrick Duffy would play my father Jack, a quiet, meek man who was easily bullied and only on occasion will find his backbone but only in the very beginning.

Bruce Willis would be my choice for my older brother Herb, a fighter and protector to the end, exhausting all his ability to endure life at home.

Nicholas Cage would play my younger brother, J. Watson, a quiet, worldly and focused young man who had it all.

My Nanny Colena, would be played by Oprah Winfrey for her spunk and ability to love.

Liam Neeson would play my final rescuer (my husband, Douglas), a man so fine that he gives of himself without regard for his own happiness or dreams. Dedication to our marriage and saving my life on more than one occasion, are his only priorities.

As for the others in my book, while they do play important roles,  I need to think about it a bit longer or just allow you to decide for yourself!

If I had to give you only one sentence for my synopsis, it would be:

Sad, abused, afraid and alone in one of Mamie’s darkest hours she shows you how she finally found her own way while learning at the age of four to stand alone.

Unless I am fortunate enough to be picked up by an agent, I will remain as an Indy writer, however, I am using Aviva Publishing for some services while still self publishing.

I have written this book in part over sixteen years but it was too painful to complete in a single go.  Many years passed before I was able to start up again and it has been about two years since I had written the outline in which to frame my story.  In trying to find my voice, I have made attempts to write in both first and third person  and even attempted it as a fiction (novel).  This was a work in progress that eventually took on its own voice, allowing me to narrate it in the first person, in order to face my memories head on.  Hopefully, this book will find its way into every home where victims reside or of others who know someone who needs help and understanding.

There are only two books that come to mind that come close to comparing.  One is DAVE and the other is MOMMIE DEAREST perhaps being a bit of each.

Abuse is a widespread epidemic that I honestly believe is largely caused by learned behavior.  It passes down through generations until hopefully, the cycle is broken. It was always my dream that love should survive, that it should be sought unceasingly until the evil becomes a distant memory, never again to see the light of day.  It took a lifelong struggle to overcome it the effects of it, but I can assure you, that the cycle did stop with my generation.  My brother Herb and I suffered horrendously at the hands of our Mother but we always knew that there was a life worth fighting for, and we won.  From the time I began to write my story until now, my inspiration has been to help other abused victims to understand that it is possible to overcome and to survive, to become so much more than they ever dreamed they could, that one day they will look back and realize that they have arrived.

The character Mamie, will take you on a wild ride as she makes endless attempts to escape the horrors and abuse in her life. Some passages will make you cry while others may actually cause you to laugh hysterically, especially at the absurdities of my youthful plans for escape.

In my book, you will learn where and how to find help should you find yourself in these same circumstances.  Most importantly, you will learn how to stop the insane cycle that has become your life. I will even show how the simplest denial of a teddy bear as a small child returned to haunt me as an adult.

If you are looking to connect with Mamie because of your own neglect or

abuse, this book is for you. If looking for a release or permission to sob away

those sorrows, this is the book that will allow those tears to flow.  But the

message is very clear…You must NEVER EVER give up!

This is only the beginning but I can’t spoil the story for you.

My book has been edited by the prominent Author Linda Hales. She has two incredible childrens books, currently being adapted culturally for other countries.

Be sure to check her out at:

Here are her books:

Sunshine I’ll Make You Smile!

Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise!

Coming soon!

Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile!

Activity Story Book – Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile!

A contribution from each book sale goes to benefit the Abused Children/ and Women’s Shelter Program and/or the Research Department for the Diabetes Association.

 Abuse is a form of trauma which is a leading cause for Diabetes and because a Cure is desperately needed, a donation for research funding is needed, and I would like to help.

 Children and adults alike need counselling and the funding to secure it. I sincerely hope that my donations will help.

Rosemary - Vegas



Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins



A second chance at Life


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  1. Raani York permalink

    What a beautiful Blog post, Rosemary!! I admire you!!!

  2. The feeling is mutual Raani. Your stories and everything you write is so entertaining. Thank you for visiting my blog and your support.

  3. Looking forward to reading this extraordinary book! Thank you for sharing the introduction.

    • Hi Martha, Welcome and thank you for your supper as always. I have been blessed by those that follow me and those follow.
      My Reflections of Mamie is expected to release the first week in June.

      Thanks Again,

  4. Jon Magee permalink

    Looks like you have a tremendous book waiting for the world to read.

    • Jon, I am writing Chapter 19 of 20 now and soon it will be edited as well. I look forward too getting this story told and be free to help others. It plans to launch the first week in June and in Ireland/Scotland come summer thanks to you for the Scotland part! This book has been a dificult journey but one I had to walk. Thank you for believing in me.

  5. Wonderful blog post, Mamie! Can’t wait to read the book in its entirety 🙂

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