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Sarah Palin sparks outrage by posting photo of her son standing on the family dog in bizarre New Year’s message

January 2, 2015

The former Alaska governor described the three images of her six-year-old son Trig using the black Labrador for a stepping stool as ‘a symbol of perseverance’.


CHILD LEARNS ABUSE FROM MOM! Be happy she is not the head of our country if this is her idea of cute! Complete disrespect for life. Find family love at:

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  1. Raani York permalink

    Jeeeez… what kind of dog-owner is she?? And what’s the boy stepping on next time? The cat or the guinea pig? Holy Smokes – and someone like this should be taken serious by public? I could puke!!
    Thanks for sharing (and sorry for my rant… )

  2. Raani, rant all you like! This made me want to puke as well. She with those values was actually trying to be head of this country???
    She’ll never get my vote!

    Thanks for sharing for opinion.


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