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Maggie Tails

February 14, 2015


MEET MAGGIE ANNE ADKINS. She has known abuse no dog should ever know and dumped at 8 weeks of age. Now celebrating with her new family one year later she looks for a way to help other dogs find happiness.  Reserve your copy where funds can help others find their new families.. FUNDRAISING? We can help. We are looking for a SPONSOR that loves dogs!  Write to: Maggie at

MAGGIE’S KITCHEN TAILS: Dog Treat Recipes and Puppy Tales to Love launches October 31, 2015 on her birthday. 

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  1. Maggie continues to fulfill her purpose in life…what’s not to love! You are indeed, a noble inspiration dear Maggie. You draw attention to a staggering need to stop animal abuse and you will succeed!

  2. Thank you Linda. Maggie has a very nurturing side of herself. She has become very protective of her parents/family in their health and safety. Truly a joyful dog.


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