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Awakenings: Pre-Halloween Sugar Rush

October 31, 2015

Nothing says Halloween better than “candy”. And, no candy says Halloween better than Candy Corn! For more than a century, its creamy taste is unmatched. Countless parties and Halloween trick-or-treaters will be loaded up, laden down with oodles and oodles of the deliciously sweet yellow, orange and white tiny candy morsels. It is tradition when gearing up for Halloween! Therefore, let’s take a day to celebrate these mellow candies for a pre-Halloween sugar rush. Don’t forget to hide a bag for Halloween night!

While snacking on the tiny, fun morsels, check out the History of Candy Corn. There you will find The Story Behind Candy Corn, Fun Facts About Candy Corn, and Creative Ways to Display Candy Corn. Ever eaten a doughnut sprinkled with crushed candy corn? Keep reading for there is more to this day than just the fact that…

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Another great scoop from Sharla!  Happy Halloween!  Today our Maggie (rescue dog) celebrates her birthday but enjoys chicken for her trick or treat delight. There are many wonderful ways to view one’s treats!

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  1. Sharla publishes amazing posts. Thanks for the re-blog. 🙂

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